Who cleans up the mess in superhero movies? – Free Of Reality

Maybe it’s just my perfectionism, but am I really the only one who gets distracted by all the collapsed buildings in the background, fires on the streets, and burning trees everywhere after some superhero saves the world from evil?

I mean, we never see how regular people deal with life after the world is saved. We only  get a follow-up with the lives of the superheroes.

This is what I imagine happens the moment the villain is defeated and everyone gets over the shock and has a minute to catch their breath:

*Villain falls down dead. Superhero appears through a wall of fire and smoke. Mortals cry and shout in happiness and awe, chanting the superhero’s name. Superhero keeps his face straight because, obviously, it’s no big deal.*

*The superhero goes home. (Or to meet the president. I don’t know.)*

*Mortals see him off, then turn around towards the city, and their smiles disappear.*


… lets out someone in the crowd.

The city is trashed. It will take years to rebuild it and clean it all up. And that’s if every person joins in and helps.

But it’s not The Shire.

“Uh … I’ve got work tomorrow … Can’t help sweep the city square …” shrugs one.

“Yeah, me too … My aunt is sick … Gotta go help her out,” another one scratches her head.

“Me three. Can’t help put out the fires. Don’t wanna get burnt,” frowns a third one.

And the superhero can’t help either. Now that the government sees how it can use him for its own gain, he’s deployed to other parts of the world to help end wars. (Or start them.)

And so everyone goes on to live like utter slobs, because no one has time. Actually, they don’t even notice the burning fires and concrete remains around them anymore because they’re so fixated on their phone screens.

I realize now, that most likely, subconsciously, I developed this idea based on what’s happening in the world at the moment. People are too busy to recycle wastetoo busy to switch cars to bikes and beef to tofu; too busy to make sure unused lights are off. Meanwhile the world is drowning in ruins and smoke.

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