12 *really* unpopular opinions – Free Of Reality

This list is just a small part of all the ways I don’t understand the majority of human population in. Feel free to disagree in the comments below.


I don’t mind warm public toilet seats. You know what’s worse than a warm toilet seat? A cold one.

Homer, spinning, surrounded, by, toilets


I don’t mind the word ‘moist’.

woman, saying, the, word, moist


Marriage is illogical and love doesn’t exist. I base that on objective observations and my Psychology degree. No, we were not actually told in class that marriage is a lost cause. It might be true that humans are social animals, but nowhere does it say that they should make lifelong bonds. In fact, no other mammal male stays to help bring up the children; it’s always the female. Mammal males are also predisposed to change partners frequently: more mates, more chances their genes will survive through offspring. And finally, just look at the statistics and couples around you. Marriage rates decrease, divorce rates increase, and the median length of marriage at the moment is about 10 years (at least in the UK). And what kind of years are we talking about? Fights, yelling, tears, cheating, lost sense of self…

couple, arguing


The best ice cream flavor is bubble gum.

bubble, gum, blue, ice, cream


Having pictures of your surroundings from your travels is more exciting than having pictures of yourself. Years into the future it will be the photos of cities and parks and bridges and mountains that will remind you of how it felt to witness such miracles. Because that’s what actually triggered those emotions. Since we never see ourselves traveling, looking at pictures of us with mountains in the background feels more like looking at somebody else’s trip. (That is, if we can first deflect the need to criticize that frizzy hair or those extra two pounds or that dumb facial expression or that face in general.)

view, of, Eze, France


Fantastic Beasts was not good. I loved, love and will always love Harry Potter. But Fantastic Beasts was just not right. Maybe it’s because it targeted the wrong audience–we, Harry Potter, fans are no longer in the Philosopher’s Stone phase. We’re in the Deathly Hallows one.

Hermione, shaking, her, head


Mother! is one of the best, cleverest movies ever created, and it’s my Favorite No. 3 (right after Joy and Wild). Fight me.


Matching socks is a waste of time. And there are 6 very good reasons for why I don’t wear matching socks anymore.

odd, socks


Not being a feminist is not okay. If someone says they’re not a feminist, that means they don’t want women to have the same rights as men (and so logically then, men to have the same rights as women). If they say they don’t have an opinion about it, that means they don’t care if women have the same rights as men and vice versa. Which is just as bad.

wonder, woman


Mint chocolate is a waste of chocolate.

woman, disgusted


Wars are unreasonable, irrational and unnecessary. No one even knows why they start. Not even Google–I’ve tried. I often wonder what would happen if every single man and woman in the army, on both sides, laid down their weapons and said, “No. I will not kill just because you, up there on the top of the hierarchical pyramid, couldn’t reach a compromise. I have no reason to hate these people.” The only people left fighting would be the two morons who started the disagreement. Because every fight and every collision starts with two people, then spreads like wildfire fueled by subjective perceptual inaccuracies.

I think that Peeta was on to something about us destroying one another and letting some decent species take over. Because something is significantly wrong with a creature that sacrifices its children’s lives to settle its differences. — Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games.


This last one is a biggie: pineapple does belong on pizza. It’s the best combination of sweet and savory, yellow and pink, Hawaii and Naples… Case closed.

pineapple, pizza

What unpopular opinions do you hold?

I might pick them up.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Agree on most topics apart from The marriage one, and pineapple one.
    A great read none the less.


    1. Yeah, well, I haven’t met a single person who agrees with me on those two haha.
      Also, for some reason I find the word “delicious” far far worse than “moist.” It makes me cringe just thinking about it…

      Liked by 1 person

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