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One thing we all want is be able to do whatever the hell we want, right? We dream of how one day we’ll be free of all of our fears and regrets and uncertainties.

So why, then, do we always come up with these “reasons” for why it’s not possible for us at the moment?

“Oh, but I don’t have any money, I don’t have time, I don’t know how, I have school, I have a job, I have a family, I have a chronic illness…”

One day I’ll write about ways to go around these obstacles… when I can think of some that haven’t already been written, and re-written, elsewhere on the Internet.

These aren’t issues. It’s much worse when you don’t know what you want to do before you die.

For most of my bucket list I’ve got ideas from Google, and that’s great. But I forgot that life consists of more than grand trips and tourist attractions. In fact there are so many little things in life that we often don’t notice or take for granted.

Like, how many times have you gone out for ice cream and thought, “I wish I could get a huge bowl of every single one of these flavors,” but feared you would look ridiculous because you’re 42 and you’re supposed to be an “adult,” and so eventually just stuck to one sad scoop.

If that sounds like you, add “Eat a huge bowl of all kinds of ice cream in public” to your bucket list.

unique, bucket, list, ideas, ice cream

That is how you come up with unique bucket list ideas to add to your unique bucket list.

My advice: pay attention to the feelings of “I want” and “I wonder” and write it down, despite all your “Oh, but…” defenses. And when they come up, ask thyself, “Okay, but do I want this?” If the answer is “Yeah,” it goes straight to your bucket list.

If you’re at least a little bit curious about something — do it. You only have one chance at life. This is that chance.

I started my bucket list when I was only 14 years old. I was always a good student, always doing something productive with my free time, and always working hard. Because I had goals, you know?

But at the same time I worried that my life would pass me by. Since then, while some people are terrified of spiders and heights, my worst phobia has been waking up one day as a 70-year old lady, unable to get out of bed without assistance, and realizing I’ve wasted my entire youth and strength not doing what I want. Or worse — doing only what other people wanted me to.

unique, bucket, list, ideas, old, lady

So I started a bucket list to make sure that wouldn’t happen. But for years afterwards, I felt so restricted by my young age. As a teen, I was dependent on my parents’ money, my parents’ apartment, my parents’ food, school, university… My mistake was, I waited for the perfect timing. Please don’t make the same mistake I did.

Now I make my own money, I have my own apartment, I cook my own food, and I’m done with school and university. It’s time. My bucket list is overdue.

Over the 8 years since I started it, my main (or “Lifetime”) bucket list grew from 77 items to 286 and counting. I’ve done 16 of them.

When I moved to Newcastle, UK, I decided to make a separate bucket list for this city. I wanted to make sure I experience as much as I can here before I move elsewhere (ahem, Cambridge).

unique, bucket, list, ideas, newcastle

I’ve already added two separate sections on my blog (Lifetime and Newcastle, under Bucket List) where, from now on, I’ll post my progress on the two bucket lists.

I also hope I can figure out how to pin the two lists to the top of each page with links to posts on each item to make it easier to navigate, especially if you’d like to revisit them later.

I hope the blog will keep me committed to putting my dreams into action, instead of leaving them doomed to be forever just dreams.

I also hope it will give you new ideas to add to your own bucket list and how to get them done. Or simply let you have experiences through me if, for whatever reason, you can’t do so yourself.

Most importantly, I hope it will remind you regularly that this is the only chance at life we get, or roughly 80 years. It doesn’t matter if you’re 14, 34, or 64, with kids or without, it’s absolutely not too early and not too late. I guarantee you still have so much time to do everything you ever wanted to, as long as you put some time and good thought into it.

For now, just make a list.

unique, bucket, list, ideas, wanderer

Helpful Resources

If you’re stuck and could use some inspiration: My Lifetime bucket list.

For a step-by-step guide on how to start your own bucket list: Annette’s 5 Easy Steps.

For even more bucket list ideas: Annette’s 1000+ Bucket List Ideas.

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  1. You have actually motivated me to make my own bucket list you know. And I feel your fear very deeply. I too am afraid of getting up at seventy and realizing that all my life was a wastage.
    Good luck to you and cheers!!


    1. Yay! That makes me so happy! And good luck to you too. We can do this!

      Liked by 1 person

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