My 32 Newcastle UK bucket list ideas – Free Of Reality

As I’ve mentioned in Unique bucket list ideas: how do I come up with those?, I’m moving to Cambridge in July.

I’m incredibly grateful for all that Newcastle has taught me over these past 4 years. But before I go, I want to make sure I don’t leave any unanswered questions behind.

I’ve split the list into two parts, City and University. The latter one is based on all the things you’re “supposed” to do as a university student. Since I already graduated last summer, to do those things might be a little more complicated.

Not impossible, though. I’ll just have to stalk our uni mascot for a bit to get that high five… But other than that, all other uni-specific things I’ve already done.

This is my Newcastle Bucket List:


  1. Go on a Victoria Tunnel tour.
  2. Visit Jesmond Dene Park.
  3. The Discovery Museum.
  4. Go on a St. James stadium tour.
  5. See ballet at Theatre Royal.
  6. Visit The Biscuit Factory art gallery.
  7. Visit Belsay Hall and Gardens.
  8. Life Science Centre science village.
  9. The Literary & Philosophical Society historical library.
  10. Ousburn Farm.
  11. Go to Whitley Bay.
  12. See a play at Tyne Theatre and Opera House.
  13. Visit Heaton Park.
  14. Have dinner at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant.
  15. Visit The Baltic art gallery.
  16. See the Angel of The North.
  17. Go to Hoppings Fair.


  1. Write an article for a campus publication.
  2. Take a trip off campus and explore its surrounding area.
  3. Strike a pose with something — or someone — everyone on campus knows.
  4. Abuse all the perks and discounts I can get from my Student ID.
  5. Have a couple of drinks before watching a sports match where I don’t know any of the rules.
  6. At some point, dance on a table just because it’s really fun.
  7. Complete a bar crawl — get a drink at every bar in town.
  8. Learn something unique about the history of my university.
  9. Non-ironically give my school mascot a high-five.
  10. Get a picture with my school mascot.
  11. Play beer pong.
  12. Learn a foreign language.
  13. Dye my hair.
  14. Learn to play hacky-sack.
  15. Drink around a bonfire.

Helpful Resources

For more bucket list ideas: My Lifetime bucket list.

For great food and drink must-dos in Newcastle: The Courier student newspaper.

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