About Me

Hi. I’m Ugne:

  • an aromantic demisexual
  • vegan
  • barely a millennial
  • Psychology graduate
  • freelance writer and editor
  • non-believer in marriage
  • self-proclaimed philosopher with a lot of theories that don’t let me sleep at night.

I was born in the 1990s, raised in the 2000s. Child of Lithuania, adult of the UK.

I’ve wanted a blog for so long but could never figure out what to write about. All those Wiki how-tos and blogs about blogs say I should offer something interesting or useful to people. Problem is, my life is kind of average and I’m not very good at things that involve me doing something. I don’t play video games, I don’t follow the news, I don’t know what fashion is, I’m too broke to review stuff, and I’m really not good at being social. In essence, I don’t have any talents to teach you or knowledge to give you.

There is one thing, though, that’s been bothering me for the majority of my life.

Freedom. The lack of it, that is.

I never felt like I was truly free. Not in high school, not in university, not afterwards. Not even as a freelancer now.

Everybody always tells me, “It’s unrealistic. No one can be absolutely free.” Yeah, well, that’s exactly why — because they keep being told they can’t.

There are three things I believe in unconditionally.

One, you can’t fail if you never stop trying. You can’t lose if you never quit.

Two, there’s no such thing as “reality.” Life is made of subjective experiences and the way that our subjective brains interpret those experiences. When a number of people agree on the same interpretation, we call that reality. So just because a group of people had the same experience, doesn’t mean that everyone will have the same experience.

Three, freedom is subjective. And I am in control of my subject.

So I’m starting my quest for absolute freedom. If it sounds like something you would like to find too, join me. Because I have oh so many ideas and plans.

I want to be able to speak, behave and think freely. These are the main three areas of life. Three areas you can find freedom in: what you say, what you do, and what you think.

Most people first think of speech and behavior when they hear “freedom.” But they often forget that to be free, you also need a liberated mind. The rest will follow.

Independent thoughts. Independent opinions. This is something I’m going to focus on a lot in my blog posts. But I won’t forget the other two.

To quote myself, “Life’s too short to be somebody else. Screw the haters.”


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