My 29 Newcastle UK bucket list ideas – Free Of Reality

As I’ve mentioned in Unique bucket list ideas: how do I come up with those?, I’m moving to Cambridge in July. I’m incredibly grateful for all that Newcastle has taught me over these past 4 years. But before I go, I want to make sure I’ve done it all. I’ve split the list into two parts,…

8 reasons traveling is important – Free Of Reality

So I went on a trip to Dublin, Ireland, last weekend. And I didn’t just visit the Guinness Storehouse and tried Jameson whisky. I learned some things about myself, my life and my freedom. And this is why traveling is not only important but healthy for you. One: Traveling shows you how freakin’ fun it…

12 *really* unpopular opinions – Free Of Reality

This list is just a small part of all the ways I don’t understand the majority of human population in. Feel free to disagree in the comments below. One. I don’t mind warm public toilet seats. You know what’s worse than a warm toilet seat? A cold one. Two. I don’t mind the word ‘moist’….

Who cleans up the mess in superhero movies? – Free Of Reality

Maybe it’s just my perfectionism, but am I really the only one who gets distracted by all the collapsed buildings in the background, fires on the streets, and burning trees everywhere after some superhero saves the world from evil? I mean, we never see how regular people deal with life after the world is saved….

Creativity is problem solving – Free Of Reality

I never took a creative writing class in school–it was never an option. I didn’t even know it was a thing. Sure I had Art once a week where we would do a little bit of painting here, a little bit of sculpting there. (Those are the only good memories I have of school.) But even…